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SEARCH staff highlights current research in autism:


SEARCH Center Screening Clinic

The UCR SEARH Center will conduct screenings free of charge for the community for children ages 3-7 years of age and toddlers 18 to 36 months with a professional referral suspected of having autism or autism spectrum disorders. Assessments are play-based and  will include the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) and Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised (ADI-R), the "gold standard" of autism screening instruments. 

For more information, or to schedule an appointment for a screening please call our office at 951-827-3849.

 Smooth Sailing Study

Under the direction of Dr. Jan Blacher, Professor in the Graduate School of Education, the SEARCH center is currently analyzing data from  children diagnosed with Autism or ASD between the ages of 4-7 years old. The goal of the study is to identify factors that contribute to positive school experiences in early schooling for children on the spectrum. 

Smooth Sailing Newsletter


Autism 101 Study

The SEARCH Center is currently recruiting participants for the Autism 101 Study. The purpose of the study is to better understand the college experiences of students with autism spectrum disorder. Participants must have an official diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder; be currently attending or recently graduated from a four-year college; or attending a graduate program. Participation involves an interview of no longer than 45 minutes, and all participants are compensated $50 for their time. If you are interested in participating, please contact Sasha Zeedyk, Study Coordinator, at (951) 827-3849 or via email at 





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