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SEARCH [Support, Educational, Advocacy, Resources, Community, Hope] is the Family Autism Resource Center at UC Riverside. It was developed to serve as "one stop shopping" for families who need educational information for their children on the autism spectrum, from diagnosis through the launch to adulthood. An overview of what you'll find at SEARCH includes:

 An active Screening Clinic, where we utilize the "gold standard" methods of determining whether or not a child falls on the autism spectrum. Screening services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Help for parents in finding evidence-based educational treatments for their child with autism spectrum disorder, and to learn to differentiate those from unsubstantiated treatments.

Opportunities for parents to participate interactively in studies pertaining to autism and school transitions, such as Smooth Sailing- Successful Transition in the Early School Years for Children with ASD (click here for more info).

We have recently established a SEARCH Fellows Fund. The center operates with a small core staff, and the weight is carried primarily by the SEARCH Fellows, UCR graduate research assistants funded by private grants, donations, or research projects. During their doctoral program, the Fellows donate their time in providing direct service to the community of families and autism.

Please help us expand the Fellows program by clicking on "support the SEARCH center" to make your tax-deductible gift, so that more top-ranked students from around the country can impact other autism communities as well.


Jan Blacher, Ph.D.
Professor, Graduate School of Education
Founding Director, SEARCH

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