UCR Search Autism Resource Center



SEARCH Family Autism Resource Center

SEARCH is the University of California's first family autism resource center focused exclusively on family needs, particularly on educational access. Housed in the UCR Graduate School of Education, the mission of SEARCH is to provide Support, Education, Advocacy, Resources, Community and Hope to families who have children on with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as well as to individuals with ASD themselves.

SEARCH is designed to help families wade through the school and service systems for youth with ASD. Our goal is to help reduce the stress that families experience in attempting to learn about autism and to access appropriate educational programs and services in the Inland Empire.

Through our autism screening clinic, community outreach activities, and online information, SEARCH is a resource for information, education, and research in Inland Southern California and throughout the state. We are guided by the belief that every family deserves access to available resources, regardless of race, language, or socioeconomic status.