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Supporting the SEARCH Center

The SEARCH family autism resource center depends on private support to continue its mission of supporting, educating, advocating and providing resources, community and hope for families affected by autism. Everything we do, including our SEARCH Fellows who help parents secure services, bilingual educational workshops, materials we make available to families, and the special education faculty who conduct valuable research on autism spectrum disorder, can only be sustained with the help of people in the community who care.

Please consider making a gift so that we may continue to work to enrich the lives of children and families affected by autism. Below are just a few of our giving opportunities.


SEARCH Endowed Fellowship funds

  • Endowed graduate fellowships to provide financial support for students who are completing their masters or doctoral studies. 


SEARCH Family Outreach funds

  • Support for parent education programs for English and Spanish families, including resources for fellows to travel and conduct workshops and information sessions.


Educational Resource funds

  • Support to provide resources for educational materials for families, including a resource library, internet services, current publications, and brochures.


SEARCH Center Endowment

  • Name and endow the center and provide resources for the long-term sustainability and expansion of our services and research related to autism spectrum disorder.

For more information on other giving opportunities or to make a gift to the SEARCH Family Autism Resource Center, please contact the School of Education’s Development Office at 951-827-6388.


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