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SEARCH Offers Faculty Office Hours

Over the last four years, the UCR SEARCH Center has been gathering information from the UCR campus community on perspectives and overall knowledge about autism. Based on interactions with stakeholders and campus respondents, we have learned that faculty and staff want more individualized support to educate and accommodate university students with autism. In response, we we launched the Autism 101 Faculty Office Hours.

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During Office Hours*, Dr. Yasamin Bolourian is available to have confidential conversations with any faculty, teaching assistants, or staff who interact with students with autism in a teaching or advisory role on campus. Our doors are open to address questions or offer advice about specific situations, for example:

  • I have a student in my classroom whom I suspect has autism. Should I approach this person?
  • A student with autism in my class is asking for additional accommodations. What can I do to help? What services does the student disability center provide?
  • My students have complained about being distracted by a particular student’s behavior. For example, the student frequently speaks out of turn and stands up in the middle of lecture. What strategies can I use to manage these disruptive behaviors?

How can you reach us for Faculty Office Hours? 

You can virtually join Faculty Office Hours on Wednesdays between 10am to 12pm. Please email us for access to the Office Hours room via Zoom. Or, if you prefer written correspondence, you can email us with any questions you may have.

Email: searchcenter@ucr.edu
Phone: 951-827-3849


*A service offered during the academic year and follows the academic calendar.


April Awareness Presentations

Every April the SEARCH Center brings autism awareness to the UCR campus and community. This coming April, 2022, we will sponsor a free screening of the award-winning documentary, Autism Goes To College, followed by a Q & A panel session comprised of autistic college students as well as campus administration and faculty.


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