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Who are we?

SEARCH Staff include faculty and advanced graduate students in Special Education and School Psychology at UC Riverside, as well as licensed or credentialed consultants, who are certified in autism gold standard assessments (for example, ADOS-2). Bilingual staff are available to provide assessments in Spanish. The Director is Dr. Jan Blacher, Distinguished Research Professor; Assistant Director is Dr. Katherine Stavropoulos, Assistant Professor.


Who do we see at SEARCH?

We prioritize children between the ages of 3-10, but also see younger or older children, depending on individual need and our availability.


What should I do if I'm concerned with my child's development or behaviors?

Look through these flow charts put together by SEARCH Staff:

  • If your child is 3 or under (PDF)
  • If your child is older than 3 (PDF)


What does a screening at SEARCH consist of?

Screening generally includes the assessment of autism spectrum disorder, behavior problems, and intellectual and adaptive functioning. Other assessments may be administered, and appropriate referrals made.


How are assessments conducted during the pandemic?

The SEARCH team has developed a COVID-safe remote protocol for assessments via Telehealth. This is a reliable procedure for many, but not all, children. In cases where autism and/or intellectual disability cannot be reliably determined, we will invite parents and children to return for an in-person assessment once it is safe to do so. Inperson visits will take place at the SEARCH Clinic, located at: Eady Center, 3363 Watkins Drive, University of California-Riverside, Riverside, CA 92507.


How can I get an appointment at SEARCH?

Referrals are often made by teachers, school professionals, pediatricians, or mental health professionals. Families may also call us directly at 951-827-3849, or email us at:


What if I don’t speak English?

All SEARCH services, assessments and reports can be provided in Spanish as well as English.


Do I receive any kind of report or feedback?

Parents or caregivers receive a written summary report of the assessment that contains individualized recommendations for accessing community- and/or school-based services based on screening results. Parents are free to send the report to their health provider, to their Regional Center, or to their insurance company.


How much do services at SEARCH cost?

To date, there has been no charge for SEARCH services.


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