For the Autistic College Student

Do Residential Life Advisors Want and Need to Know More About Autism?

Learn about a study that reports what residential dorm counselors know – and need to know – about autism. Read the summary infographic here.

Autism Goes to College

Go to  There, autistic students can find a larger community, and connect with the new AGTC Online Resource Center. The new Online Resource Center [to be “launched” in April, 2022] will provide a chance to read or contribute to ongoing discussions, get to know the “stars” of Autism Goes to College (AGTC) in more depth, and find links to the AGTC podcasts. 

Autism 101

Become part of the Autism 101 project at SEARCH. Our team has conducted a series of studies highlighted faculty knowledge (or lack thereof!) about autism, and featured student perspectives on faculty and on their academic life at UCR. Links to some of these publications have been provided below. More work needs to be done! We welcome autistic college students (undergraduates or graduates) to join the SEARCH Team in an advisory role to help propel the field and our efforts forward.


Sample articles for further reading

Views on autism from a campus community:

Tipton, L. A., & Blacher, J. (2014).  Autism awareness: Views from a campus community.  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 44, 477–483.


Views from students with ASD and ADHD:

Bolourian, Y., Zeedyk, S. M., & Blacher, J. (2018). Autism and the university experience: Narratives from students with invisible disabilities.  Journal of Autism and Developmental Disabilities.


Faculty knowledge of autism:

Zeedyk, S. M., Bolourian, Y., & Blacher, J. (2018).  University life with ASD: Faculty knowledge and student needs. Autism: Journal of Research and Practice

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